Download KOF Definitive Match MUGEN HD Edition For Android & PC

Download The King Of Fighters Definitive Match HD Edition With New HD characters now pc and android for free in 2022. The King Of Fighters is a series of fighting games created by SNK. It was developed originally for SNK's Neo Geo MVS Arcade Hardware

Download KOF Definitive Match MUGEN HD Edition For Android & PC

  • Size                    : 2GB
  • Publisher            : Elecbyte
  • Device                : PC & Android
  • Control               : Keyboard & Joystick
  • Requirement       : 4G RAM/ 8G ROM
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or newer required.
  • CPU: Intel Core Duo or equivalent recommended for HD resolutions.
  • Memory: 512 MB or more (actual requirements may vary based on character and stage complexities).

About This Version:

This version has a great colorful ex and medium quality in moves if matching your device requirement. in addition to the hidden bosses in the Screenpack. The king of fighters has many huge numbers of players around the world on many platforms like android, IOS, PC, PlayStation, and more .even some players love to play the online mode where they can compete in real-time battles and get higher and higher in ranking. also gaining experience through playing and knowing different play styles.


The game has different modes starting from ARCADE, TEAM, and STORY MODE. in the arcade mode the player can choose his favorite character and play against all the fighters one by one till reaching the boss and winning the game. then the team mode you get to choose 3 to 4 players as your team and play against another team . finally the story mode is where the player picks a fighter and starts diving into the story and understands what is the game about till finishing and winning.

Download KOF Definitive Match MUGEN HD Edition For Android & PC


The most famous characters that have been surviving since the game was released are Kyo/Iori/Kim/Athena/chin/Chris/Benimaru/daimon/k'/kula/rugal.....and more.
Recently the company released a full 3D character on PS5 bringing back old characters from The KOF 2002 and fatal fury too. the fans were hoping for more characters. instead, they created new characters in the game. Also, some of the players were not satisfied with the new team's arrangement but overall the game is so much better than the first 3D game they released.

Download KOF Definitive Match MUGEN HD Edition For Android & PC
Game Mode:

  • Arcade            : where the player keeps fighting till defeating the boss.
  • VS                   : Pick a fighter and the character that you want to fight.
  • 2V2                 : 2 players play against the CPU, or one player and a CPU
  • Demonstration: A mode where you can make a challenge with your friend and let the AI fight to see Who wins

This is a free game created with the Mugen engine by Professionals. all characters, sounds, and backgrounds in this game are ripped and programmed by other makers of the mugenMugen community. all of them are listed in the final credits.

Download KOF 99 Definitive Match Version

The KOF is known for the various characters it contains starting from KOF97s to KOF XV each reales you see new characters categorized into teams and play style 
and each character has a role in the KOF story.
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