Download The Queen Of Fighters Mugen

One of the funny fighting games. The queen of fighters mugen adult version is a 2D game with only girls' characters that are adapted from series like SNK and CAPCOM it has up to 60 characters and stages with different modes. Download and try out the game now for more fun and explore the funny super moves with your friends.
Download The Queen Of Fighters Mugen v2
  • Size: (100MB)
  • Device: PC & Android
  • Control: Keyboard & Joystick


The queen of fighters or the waifu queen fighters has many huge number of players around the world on many platformes like, android,IOS, PC, Playsation and more .even some players love to play the online mode where they can compete in real time battle and get higher and higher in ranking . also gaining experience through playing and knowing diffrent play styles 
The game has diffrent modes starting from ARCADE, TEAM,and STORY MODE.
in the the arcade mode the player can choose his favourite character and play against all the fighters one by one till reaching the boss and win the game . then the team mode you get to chose 3 to 4 players as your team and play aginst another team . finally the story mode where the player pick a fighter and start diving into the story and understand what is the game about till finishing and win.

Game Modes:

  • Arcade
  • Team Play
  • Single Play
  • Single VS CPU
  • Arcade Single
  • Option
  • Training

Gameplay Features

The is a 2D fighting game that produces immense batteling combat games for PC. now there are many developers available who are working on these types of games for android how amazing will it be for the community?
You can perform various special moves that you see in the original game series.
This is a free game created with the Mugen engine by Professionals. all characters, sounds, and backgrounds in this game are ripped and programmed by other makers of the mugenMugen community. all of them are listed in the final credits.

System requirements :

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or newer required.
  • CPU: Intel Core Duo or equivalent recommended for HD resolutions.
  • Memory: 512 MB or more (actual requirements may vary based on character and stage complexities).

In addition to the previous, the Mugen engine-powered stages are playable in the game. all available and customizable, add stages, add chars, change fonts, and a lot more. you can also use a variety of moves and combos and defend against the opponent.


  • Is the game customizable on android?; Yes 
  • Is Mugen still alive nowadays?; Yes but not as in the old arcade days
  • How many characters can the game contain?; Depends on the file sizes but a really huge number of +5000

Download The Queen Of H

Ths game is for fun only. try to enjoy it and not use it for other purposes and thank you in advance

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