One Piece Treasure Battle Download APK Android

One Piece Treasure Battle is one of the best fighting games for android users. it has a very big characters roster and an easy game mode also, the command list is not too hard so you can perform them with the keyboard easily. more than 100 characters are waiting for you, Download and play One piece treasure battle on Android.
One Piece Treasure Battle characters menu
  1. Size             : 500M             
  2. Control        : Keyboard 
  3. Requirement: 4G RAM
  4. Device         : Android

In this version, you can perform various special moves that you see in the original game series. One piece Mugen games in general is a 2D fighting game that produces immense batteling combat games originally for PC. now there are many developers available who are working on these types of games for android.
In addition to the previous, the Mugen engine-powered stages are playable in the game. all available and customizable, add stages, add chars, change fonts, and a lot more. you can also use a variety of moves and combos.

One Piece Treasure Battle

One Piece Treasure Battle gameplay
The game has super powerful characters and a great colorful ex and medium quality in moves if matching your device requirement. in addition to the hidden bosses in the Screenpack. and also it is an open source to customize and add your favorite stages and other content to the game


M.U.G.E.N is a 2D fighting game engine, originally released in 1999. M.U.G.E.N was originally designed for users to create games that matched the technology level of 2D fighters from the mid-'90s. However, it quickly evolved to become highly customizable, allowing very fine control over each character's behavior.  In fact, there are custom games for MUGEN that don't behave like your typical 2Dfighter.


The game size is not that high compared to the game quality and graphics and I already added it to the archive to reduce the size for you. The Download is Free on the available devices

Character List

Several characters have been surviving since the game was created. in the first list, we have Luffy, Zori.....and more. The latest Release of the game is a full game with more characters but the fans were hoping for more characters. instead, they created new characters in the game. Also, some of the players were not satisfied with the new team's arrangement.


One Piece Treasure Battle settings
  1. Arcade Mode
  2. Team CPU Mode
  3. Time Attack Mode
  4. Single VS CPU Mode
  5. Arcade Single Mode
  6. Settings Mode
  7. Training Mode
The Mugen world will change your perspective on arcade games.
The primary stage is where you face characters that have been part of the game story and increase your skills to become an undefeatable fighter with your own favorite characters 


The Mode in this Mugen is full of action, if you want to play alone, you can choose to play against the AI or another player in VS battle mode


Try to hone your gaming skills in this mode by understanding the control of the fighters and trying the available trails for each character, In addition to that, the player's ability to improve attack capability. that is the best option for me it is like a fighter academy where you grow your skills. try to join it often





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