Download Mugen Stage: Suzaku Castle Ryu

Download the most popular stage in street fighter. you can add the stage on Mugen 1.0 and Mugen 1.1 for Windows & Android. Watch the tutorial to know how to add the stage.

Download Mugen Stage: Suzaku Castle Ryu
  1. Size             : 2MB             
  2. Control        : Keyboard & Joystick
  3. Requirement: 4G RAM Medium graphic card
  4. Device         : PC&Android


M.U.G.E.N is a 2D fighting game engine, originally released in 1999. M.U.G.E.N was originally designed for users to create games that matched the technology level of 2D fighters from the mid-'90s. However, it quickly evolved to become highly customizable, allowing very fine control over each character's behavior.  In fact, there are custom games for MUGEN that don't behave like your typical 2Dfighter.

How To Add Stages:

The Mugen world will change your perspective on arcade games.
The primary stage is where you face characters that have been part of the game story and increase your skills to become an undefeatable fighter with your own favorite characters 


Download Mugen Stage: Suzaku Castle Ryu
The Mode in this Mugen is full of action, if you want to play alone, you can choose to play against the AI or another player in VS battle mode


Try to hone your gaming skills in this mode by understanding the control of the fighters and trying the available trails for each character, In addition to that, the player's ability to improve attack capability. that is the best option for me it is like a fighter academy where you grow your skills. try to join it often

How Download & Play

  •  Download all game files
  • Extract the file into a folder of your choice 
  •  make sure you have a suitable device capability 
  •  Run the MUGEN.exe 




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